Expertise & Advice

Technical Examinations and Condition Reports:

Damage can occur through faulty storage, during transport, while on loan or in everyday life. We guarantee impartial examination of single artworks or entire collections and carry out estimates of value loss for insurances. We also offer technical condition reports for works of art before and after transport.


When doubts arise about the status of a work, we advise examination involving technical as well as art historical aspects. Thermoluminescence datingis being done in collaboration with the Oxford Authentication Laboratory or the Kotalla Laboratory. Dendrochronological analysis of wood is done in collaboration with the Amt für Städtebau Unterwasserarchäologie/Dendrochronologie of the city of Zurich.

Wide-ranging guidance in matters related to art:

  • advice on storage conditions
  • manufacture of climate boxes for fragile paintings
  • framing from a selection of old and historic frames
  • advice in matters of sales or buying of art
  • technical condition reporting in French, German and English
  • couriering of valuable art